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Welcome to my online workshop, where we will explore the magical art of photography together! From the comfort of your home, we’ll dive into editing, lighting, and post-production, revealing the secrets that will transform your photos into unique masterpieces. We will adapt our approach to your needs, working on your frames and mine to develop your own style. We will learn to capture the magic that surrounds you and create images that tell fairy tales. Get ready for an unforgettable creative journey! See you in the workshop.

Welcome to the Online Photography Workshop with Javi Mercader!

Explore your creativity in the world of photography with artificial intelligence.

If you are here, it is the perfect time to embark on an exciting journey towards discovering your creativity. Javi Mercader will be happy to be your guide on this fascinating tour.

Details of the Workshop in Lubbeek:

  • Location: Online, via Zoom
  • Duration: Two days, 4 hours each day

What can you expect?

  1. Creative Exploration: Discover how to fuse your photographs with artificial intelligence to create authentic works of art.

  2. Personalized Feedback: You will receive direct feedback from Javi Mercader to improve and refine your unique style.

Investment in your Passion:

  • Workshop Price: 250 euros

This workshop is not only an educational experience, it is an opportunity to connect with other photography enthusiasts and expand your network in an inspiring environment.

Join Javi Mercader and other photography lovers on this unforgettable journey! Together, you will create visual memories that will last forever.

Contact details:

  • For more details and registration, do not hesitate to contact Javi Mercader.

See you soon! 




In this workshop we are going to enter the world of dreams. I want to tell you about my creative process. From how and where I look for inspiration through the entire process until achieving the final result. You just need to bring your camera.



• Introduction: I will share information about myself, and we will begin the session by creating our photographic narrative together.

• Painted Backgrounds: I will demonstrate the process of creating my painted backgrounds, setting the scene and discussing the materials involved.

• Clothing, Accessories and Hairstyles: We will explore the crucial role of selecting clothing, accessories and hairstyles in shaping our desired image.

• Importance of Color: We will delve into color as a fundamental element in our photography, understanding its importance in transmitting emotions and improving visual impact.

• Create a Comfortable Environment: You will learn techniques to ensure that children feel comfortable during the photo session, fostering a relaxed and authentic environment.


• Understanding Matte Painting and its Application in my Art

• Practical creation of a scene in Photoshop using Matte Painting techniques

• Exploring the incredible possibilities offered by Midjourney AI

• Seamlessly fusing the Matte Painting technique with artificial intelligence to create a convincingly realistic background.

• Step-by-step guidance on how to integrate our model into the newly created environment.

• Manual editing throughout the entire process, ensuring you don’t miss any details.

• We will continue with image editing, exploring advanced techniques to perfect our photographs.

• We will delve into the fascinating world of fine art printing, addressing the paper that I meticulously select to bring my photographic creations to life.

• I will explore the significance of personalized packaging, sharing how this detail elevates the presentation of my photographs. Additionally, I will show the careful assembly of my works, revealing the space they occupy in this process.

• We will conclude the day with final reflections, consolidating the learning of the day and highlighting the most relevant aspects of our journey.


Explore new dimensions in the world of photography with MidJourney, the revolutionary tool that fuses human creativity with the power of artificial intelligence. Immerse yourself in the magic of AI and bring your ideas to life, transforming your spaces into true visual masterpieces.

MidJourney allows you to create amazing images from your boldest concepts. Build your own scenarios and challenge the limits of creativity. Become the architect of your own visions, using this innovative platform to take your photography to a whole new level.

Become an expert in the art of prompts and explore all the options and parameters MidJourney has to offer. This powerful, detailed and refined control allows you to fine-tune and refine every aspect of your creations, allowing you to achieve results that perfectly reflect your unique artistic vision.

Discover a creative revolution where artificial intelligence becomes your ally, expanding your possibilities and taking your photography skills to new horizons. You don’t just capture moments, you transform them into extraordinary visual experiences. Delve into the creative journey of MidJourney and unleash your full artistic potential!


Make an online payment of €250 through our website; www.javimercader.com



The workshop will be recorded in its entirety, and I will give it to you so you can watch it whenever you want.

Gift: A set of actions with my entire workflow.


A medium level of Photoshop skill is required, with mastery of layers and layer masks.

A digital camera is needed.

Recording of the workshop is not allowed.

Investment: €250 

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